Stop UAL Outsourcing

The management of United Airlines has announced that they will continue outsourcing jobs.  It’s a numbers game for them.  Unfortunately, the casualties of outsourcing are not just numbers.

Like a B-rated movie about an alien invasion, Jeff Smisek and his leadership team, sweep into the small towns of America, destroying lives before they move on to the next small town.  The destruction they leave behind includes broken lives of the employees, unhappy customers, and a community left to pay for foreclosures, food stamps and unemployment. 

The contract companies that take over, hire for poverty wages, no benefits and have a high turnover rate.  Some companies actually hire felons and have a high rate of thefts from passenger’s luggage. There are other safety and security concerns, which can be avoided by saving the jobs of the qualified workers who currently hold the job.  

When is enough, enough?  Smisek and his team have no plans to stop.  No job is safe.  The middle class workers in these cities have worked decades to build United Airlines.  We are family, a part of the community and we need YOUR help! 

The only way to stop them is for the airport facility, city council and community to make the outsourcing “Financially Unattractive” to the greedy management.   Please take a moment from your busy schedule and help us save our jobs, keep our families together, and for us to save United Airlines.